Twitter Backup
version 0.1 Beta.
This site requires Google Gears and has only been tested with Firefox and Safari!
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Why does this site not work properly?

Probably because your browser doesn't run Google Gears. I've tested this on Firefox and Safari only. Also note that there is currently no official version of Google Gears for Safari in Snow Leopard.

What is this?

This site basically lets you load your Tweets from Twitter, store them locally, search through them, and download them as a file containing comma-separated values.

Store my Tweets? Does that mean you store my Tweets on your server?

No. This page runs 100% in your browser. No data is sent to my server (you are free to look at the code, it is not obfuscated in any way). It uses Google Gears to store your Tweets locally.

How can I delete stored Tweets?

Go to your Google Gears settings and remove this site from the sites that are allowed to access Google Gears.

I have more than one account.

You can load Tweets from more than one account. After you've loaded the Tweets from the first Account, simply enter your other Twitter name and Load again.

It didn't load all of my Tweets. What should I do?

Due to API restrictions, generic Twitter issues, or my own fallibility, not all of your Tweets may be loaded. If that happens to you, you can try waiting an hour or so until Twitter starts responding again, and you can try clicking on "More Options..." and entering the ID of the first or last Tweet you've received in the appropriate field.

How can I load additional Tweets at a later date?

Just Load Tweets again. Twitter Backup will keep loading new Tweets until it hits a Tweet that is already stored.

Are these questions really asked frequently?

No, I just made up a bunch of questions I thought people might ask if they actually asked any questions.

Okay, so what if I have actual questions?

You can find my contact details at my blog, see at the bottom of this page.

Fine Print
You are using this site at your own risk. I can not be held responsible for any problems caused by this site. Your Tweets are not sent to me, they remain on the computer where you used this site. To delete the data stored on your computer, go to your Google Gears menu and remove this site from the list of sites that can access to Google Gear.
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